Transbooking seeks to use new trends in technology and media platforms to create unique stories with the aim to intertwine the analog and the digital by using printed books and extended reality (XR) to generate immersive reading experience.

The development of XR technologies in printed books is relatively new, so the possibilities are immense. This technology is still under development and many enthusiasts are currently improving the immersive experience and make it much more accessible to a larger number of people.


In this sense, Transbooking intends to join the collective effort to continue proposing, developing, and innovating alternatives for the use of this type of technology. The goal is to expand the possibilities of the printed text.

The reader is enabled to access the XR of the book by means of the camera in their mobile devices. Upon downloading the App one can start interacting with the XR content in the printed book.

We develop the XR experience for the publication through an iterative process, from the design to the launch of the App.. We seek the best and viable solutions for each project.

One of Transbooking's goals is to develop strategies in generating new audiences, and to target groups of readers, who currently have little offer of hybrid media on the market.


Transbooking offers a hybrid, analog and digital, reading experience. It aims to promote reading printed media among younger generations immersed in the digital world, as well as to bring novel digital technologies closer to non-digital-native generations.

Transbooking, besides offering its XR services, develops its own content.

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